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Great Places In Central Oregon For Paddleboarding

Many people enjoy water sports, and it is one of the most calming hobbies available anywhere in the world. As a result, paddleboarding is one of the most popular water activities. Paddleboarding is a type of watersport in which you propel yourself ahead by swimming with your arms while laying or kneeling on a paddleboard or surfboard. There are two types of paddleboarding; kneeling (traditional prone) and standing (stand-up paddle surfing).

Paddleboard categorized by length: stock, 14 feet, or unlimited. Stock is quick and easy to accelerate in turbulent water. In comparison, the 14 ft long paddleboard is probably the best choice. However, only half of the races have this length. Lastly, the unlimited, on the other hand, is the fastest on the water. "Anything that floats" is the class's description, and boards as long as 20 feet are allowed.

After understanding its definition, types, and class, let’s find out where to go for paddleboarding activities. Today's article is about incredible places to go Paddleboarding in Central Oregon, so read on for more.

The 4 Great Places For PaddleBoarding

Central Oregon may be one of the best paddle boarding spots in North America. There are many outdoor activities available, but paddleboarding in Bend, Oregon's central City, is enjoyed by everyone. It creates a more exciting and social experience for paddleboarders.


Deschutes River moves across Central Oregon, eventually meeting the Columbia River to the north. Paddleboarding along the calm river is a great way to see gorgeous landscapes. An excellent place to start is at Drake Park, located in the center of downtown Bend and features a slow-moving current that flows upstream through beautiful riverfront homes and parks. In addition, it is an excellent location for setting up camp and exploring, the Deschutes River offers a lot of great take-off places.


Many locals and tourists who visit Central Oregon want to get out and appreciate the majesty of the cascading mountains stand-up paddleboard go to Sparks Lake. The lake is suitable for people of all abilities.

In addition, the tranquil water creates a memorable experience with picture-perfect surroundings. On-site facilities are available; however, there is no running water. Therefore, a paid pass is necessary for all lakes inside The Deschutes National Forest. The entire lake is worth exploring, but you may find the true beauty in the volcanic structures and paddleboarding.


Elk Lake is one of Bend's favorite summer playgrounds. The stunning views of Mt. Bachelor and the South Sister are the lake's most outstanding features. Mornings and nights are the best times to paddleboard here because the lighting and mood are perfect. Elk Lake is known for its popularity, so the area is almost always packed. However, the lake's beautiful beaches and spectacular views attract many locals and tourists. Elk Lake Resort's services are also available, and there are also first-come-first-served campgrounds.


Another famous Paddleboarding in Central Oregon is Suttle Lake. The lake is around 250 acres, so there is plenty of space to paddleboard. In addition, the lakeshore is extensively wooded with Ponderosa pines and Northwest Lodgepole pines. Because the wind in Suttle is strong, it is advisable to paddle early in the morning or late in the evening. In addition, there are three campgrounds right on the lake. Additionally, the Ace Hotel-styled Suttle Lake Lodge is now open.


Paddleboarding is a one-of-a-kind activity that requires you to use every muscle in your body. Aside from fun and satisfaction, it has health benefits. It aids in the maintenance of both your body and mind. It also boosts your stamina and enhances your balance. A water sport is popular among many people since it strengthens the arms, legs, back, and shoulders. Furthermore, the powerful combination of being out on the water, enjoying nature, interacting with other paddlers, and reveling in the fantastic experience of standing on the water is an incredible stress reliever.

So, take advantage of these fantastic paddle boarding spots in Central Oregon. These locations may become the most precious to you. Choosing the best paddleboarding setting is crucial. It should provide you with a pleasant experience and excellent amenities.

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