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Camping Equipment Rental In Central Oregon

Exploring the great outdoors and reconnecting with nature has many health benefits. Quiet is the best time to unplug and take in the beauty of nature. Your body and mind will appreciate you, feeling refreshed and energized after the beautiful night of camping—physical effort is necessary for preparing and moving around a campsite, and managing your shelter when camping is crucial.

Furthermore, camping often introduces you to new experiences, such as an activity you've always wanted to try but never had the opportunity to experience. These new experiences might help maintain our brain healthy by forcing us to think for ourselves. Even better, they can boost self-esteem, progress, and enjoyment.

Remember, camping requires equipment to make it an easy and fun experience. Therefore, it requires significant camping kits and gear to prepare ahead of time. You may have your camping equipment rental in your local. Ensure to have it on hand before your schedule.

Best Camping Equipment Rental

If you are looking for the best recreational rentals then Drift Outfitter offers a wide variety products, including, Wanderlust Tents, Owyhee Tents, Day Coolers,Sleeping Bags and more. It is one of the best camping equipment rentals in Central Oregon. We provide the best camping equipment rental and are proud that our clients are happy with the quality and service.

The Wanderlust Tent is made of Elk Canvas and can accommodate eight people. The rental period is for 24 hours, and delivery is complimentary if the order totals more than $250. On the other hand, the Owyhee Tent can accommodate four people comfortably, and it is available for rent 24 hours a day. A cooler is essential for having the most pleasing camping experience possible, so remember to rent one.

4 Great Places for Camping

Camp Sherman RV Park

Camp Sherman RV Park has tucked among aspen and ponderosa pines just a short distance from the Metolius River. The park's proximity to world-class hiking trails, mountain bike paths, fishing spots, bird viewing, and other forms of outdoor leisure in Central Oregon makes it a popular summertime stay. iI's the perfect place to get away from it all for a few nights.

Tumalo State Park

It offers more than 75 tent and full-hookup campsites and two yurts for a little more modern comfort. In addition, the park features old ponderosa pines, miles of hiking paths, plenty of angling opportunities, and more. As a result, Tumalo is an excellent basecamp for exploring the Central Oregon high desert, regardless of your preferred activity.

Creekside Campground

Inside the Sister's city limits, the municipal park features 60 campsites, each with a fire pit and picnic table. In addition, you can benefit from a unique feature: it's within walking distance of downtown, including Three Creeks Brewing, Sisters Bakery, and other must-see attractions.

Bend-Sunriver RV Campground

You'll appreciate their Central Oregon location if you have a Thousand Trails camping permit. It has over 300 campsites and bungalows, cottages, and yurts. They are available on the 283-acre campground. In addition, the Lava River Cave, the Newberry National Volcanic Monument, and the High Desert Museum are all within 20 minutes of each other.

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